The Dogecoin Millionaire


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10 thoughts on “I REGRET EVERYTHING.”

  1. Maybe they don’t know how to express themselves and they are morning your loss of $3 million you were that guy! That we all wanted to be . We wanted the 3 million you had lol Crazy! Shit I want 300,000 you have left. I would be happy with 1,000 just cause this gas is killing us! I still fallow you and will continue to your just a cool guy money or no money! Keep winning money

  2. The smartest token in the world is Web3 Spark SPARK3, the first token that controls itself and not by owners or anyone else.

  3. be strong !!! we all down and holding im in 150k and im not tripping just gotta wait!!! you'll get a second chance with the Doge one rocket!!! better sale lol gonna tank all over again

  4. Look Glauber I see your videos and I get what your saying but you should have looked out for yourself and FxxK everybody else get your money you should have sold it when DOGe was high and don’t clarify to these low life’s how your getting income from your sources wish you the best and hope you’ll be up in the millions once again have patience

  5. Why do you say there is no way? Have you seen Web3 Spark SPARK3 This thing is gonna skyrocket πŸš€πŸš€

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