I received more than 2,000usd worth LESS on uniswap

Hey all, I am just mindboggled on what happened on uniswap a while ago.

I was buying $SAITO with USDT. Based on the photo below, I am supposed to receive around 300k $SAITO tokens with 19,965 USDT.


I then confirmed that transaction on Metamask (I doubled check everything), however, only 277k $SAITO tokens has been received on my end (around 17,000+ usdt worth).

Can anyone enlighten me on what happened? You can find the tx here

reddit imageI received more than 2,000usd worth LESS on uniswap

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  1. As above – you want to click that gear icon on the upper right and set your slippage to something tolerable – the caveat is that tokens with less trade volume might fail if you lower slippage too much.

    For ex., you could set .1% for a wBTC / ETH or USDC / ETH exchange and it will most likely proceed without issue.

    But if you try to trade cvxCRV and ETH, you won’t even be allowed to swap as Uniswap tends to add hurdles to trades where slippage is past 10% [thst 10% might be higher or lower, I don’t recall exactly]

    Generally, if you look up the token on coingecko or whatever you use, you can see the exchanges with the most volume on that pair, usually going with that exchange will give you the best slippage available. Also worth noting that if you don’t find a good pool, creating a LP that others can use is a good way to slowly convert from one token to another wile accruing fees.

    There was a time when I was like 98% of the SOL / ETH pool on quickswap [polygon / matic] and it was printing bc SOL was running but there wasn’t really a good option to purchase it with ETH on polygon. Once SOL slowed down, I withdrew the entire pool and moved on.

  2. Hey looks like slippage was was set high and a bot was able to take advantage. Using CivTrade at CivFund.org can help protect from that in the future and is even better the larger the swap amount is

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