How to use the Fuse Network Token Bridge?

🌉 Ready to learn how to use the Fuse Network Token Bridge for seamless crypto transfers between various networks?

✒️Let's dive into it step by step!

1️⃣ Connect Your Wallet

🧿Click the “Connect” button at the top right of the site.

🧿Choose your preferred wallet option: Metamask, Binance, or Wallet Connect.

🧿Your connection is established when the icon on the right changes.

🧿For this example, we'll use a Metamask wallet.

2️⃣ Sending Assets to Fuse Network

🧿You can bridge FUSE, USDC, and WETH from Arb, Polygon, and Op to #Fuse.

🧿Select the “Deposit” tab and choose the network for your asset bridge.

🧿Pick the token you want to bridge and specify the amount (e.g., 50 FUSE from Polygon to Fuse).

3️⃣ Zero Bridge Fees

🧿Good news: Currently, there are no bridge fees.

🧿But please note, the Polygon Network side has a small gas fee for sending assets. Click “Bridge,” and you'll be asked to confirm the transaction in your Metamask wallet.

4️⃣Wait for Confirmation

🧿Once you confirm the transaction, give it a moment.

🧿A window will appear showing the transaction processing.

🧿When the process is complete, the status will change to “Complete.” Congrats you've successfully bridged 50FUSE tokens from Polygon to Fuse

5️⃣Sending Assets to Arb, Op & Polygon

🧿Want to go the other way? Bridge FUSE, USDC, and WETH from Fuse Network to Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism.

🧿Select the “Withdraw” tab and your desired network.

🧿Similar to the previous step, there are no bridge fees, but the #Fuse Network side has a minimal gas fee.

🧿Click “Bridge,” confirm in Metamask, and follow the same process to completion.

🎉 You've now mastered the #Fuse Token Bridge! Enjoy seamless crypto transfers between various networks, thanks to #LayerZero and #Ironblocks' security monitoring.

❤️Remember, this product is in beta, so exercise caution. Happy bridging!