How to Set a Stop Loss & Take Profit with Crypto (Binance, Bybit)


How to Set a Stop Loss & Take Profit with Crypto (Binance, Bybit)

How to set a stop loss on Binance, Bybit – how to set a stop loss and take profit order trading crypto Bybit $4,000 Bonus (Global): G MoneyZG Crypto Investor Course: y Binance $600 Bonus (non-USA): G Bitget $8,000 Bonus (Global): G MEXC $9,000 Bonus (USA+Global): G Ledger Hardware Wallet: G Best Crypto Tools & Deals: s FOLLOW ME: Twitter: G Instagram: G TikTok: g TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 How to set stop loss Binance 0:23 What is a stop loss? 2:31 How to set a stop loss Bybit 4:45 Percent method 5:50 ATR method 7:30 S/R method 9:47 Trading stop order 12:26 Spot market USEFUL VIDEOS: Bybit: w Binance: g Bitget: k MEXC: c This video is for entertainment purposes only. It is not financial advice and is not an endorsement of any provider, product or service. All trading involves risk. Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I’m part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites

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  3. this is an art as the game is to catch your stop loss before your take profit…
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