How do you access LEND (Old AAVE) ON MEW

Hello Everyone,

I have an old Paper wallet version of myetherwallet. Using the offline protocol with two computers I have sent the majority of the tokens and ETH to my new wallet.

However the last tokens I want to send are LEND tokens. When I pull down the token list of ERC-20 tokens only AAVE shows as well as a ton of other tokens.

However LEND as a token does not show. I have over 500 and can see them on

Thanks for any help

How do you access LEND (Old AAVE) ON MEW

2 thoughts on “How do you access LEND (Old AAVE) ON MEW”

  1. Did you end up using the offline process with the older version MEW 5 (as the MEW help center articles indicate) or with the newer, current version MEW 6? Which zip file did you download from MEW’s github? Asking so we can look into that particular version.

  2. Download and install Metamask. Import your MEW into Metamask. From there you can add the contract address. After adding the coin or token, you should have the ability to view and send.

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