HELP: I don’t know anything about crypto and just want to send money to Ukraine.

Ukraine is accepting donations in the form of bitcoin, ethereum or USDT (ERC-20). I would like to send them $1000 in one of those formats. This is turning out to be much, much more challenging than I expected.

Can anyone suggest some apps I might use to send $1000 of cryptocurrency to Ukraine

  • promptly, like within a day
  • without exorbitant fees ($15 is fine; $150 is ridiculous)
  • without owning a mobile phone?

I do have an iPad and a TextFree number, but CoinBase (one of the sites I tried) won't accept the TextFree number.

I've tried and failed to set up accounts with CryptoWallet (never sent verification code), CoinBase (doesn't like TextFree numbers) and Binance (keeps rejecting my drivers license photos).

I'm about to start punching walls, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.