Hedera Cryptocurrency Looking To PUMP! HBAR

Tom Crown

Hedera Cryptocurrency Looking To PUMP! HBAR

10 thoughts on “Hedera Cryptocurrency Looking To PUMP! HBAR”

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  2. Been holding HBAR since .02 cent days…… I am still HODL'in it I might just follow Tom's advice and swap a few coins. Thanks Tom, timely content!

  3. HBAR is criminally undervalued at the moment. 2022 is going to be a big year. Great video 🙏

  4. I wish people would stop using the starting candle, that wasn't its trading price. That was 1 smart guy and 1 moron, where the moron had money and assumed HBAR was worth 42 cents right out of the gate.

    The true starting price of a crypto is at its first consolidation level, this was 1 cent. Everything else is speculation, not price action. Last I check, 100 traders doesn't decide the value of a coin for 10,000 traders.

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