Has Flare, FLR got the potential to become the ultimate Cross-Chain DeFi Solution?

Those who participated in the airdrop of this project just like APTOS when it was initiated exactly a year ago must be smiling rn. Tho, I joined a month later, I've got a sizeable amount of the airdrop. The project itself comes with a DeFi solution that has the potential to drive adoption being the first EVM Layer 1 blockchain to establish full interoperability of blockchains.

Btw, after listing on several exchanges including Bitrue and MEXC earlier, the race has been more of “how to deposit the over 4.27B airdrops” to start trading tho only 15% of the airdrop is available atm. I did try to deposit on Bitrue before listing to no avail, then a friend suggested I try MEXC which worked just perfectly. And with that, a lot of liquidity has been provided there too. Having seen a lot of DeFi projects over the years, I'm a bit confident about the success of Flare with its combo of two L1 networks striving to enable info and data be used securely and at scale from various chains. So, it combines the rare qualities of security and scalability with convenience. Personally, I think DeFi projects have the ability to drive the market. My exploits with QNT is already an “eye-opener” cos most are solution providers with extensive utility just like Flare.

So, with the buzz and the robust utility of FLR, do you think it's time to look deeper into the project or not?