Harmony Community DAO Q3 Candidate: sick_of_this

Well hello peeps! I'll just keep it short and simple here since I made a fairly detailed post on the Talk Forum that I'd highly encourage reading.

Post on forum- https://talk.harmony.one/t/community-dao-council-q3-2022-candidate-sick-of-this/19878

Would appreciate if you could show your support (or disapproval if you dislike me 😆) on the forum!

I have decided to turn in my candidacy and bet on the chance that the CDAO can truly become a strong tool for helping the community's voices be heard as well as support them. If you have seen me on the forum you probably know my feelings about DAOs so rest assured I'm being completely unbiased here. I have criticisms for the CDAO itself that you'll find on the forum post.

As someone who has been deeply involved with the community for a while now I think I'll do a good job representing the community.

If nothing else, when the voting starts on June 20th I'd highly recommend going out and voting for the candidate of your choice (doesn't have to be me). Just get your voices heard and be the change you want to see! 😄

Harmony Community DAO Q3 Candidate: sick_of_this

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  2. YAY! You have my vote. You are a hard worker and from that report have plans on producing verifiable results.

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