Going to make my investments in top smartchains

The market is low and it’s time to buy. I’m a beginner trader, been in crypto for a couple months and this is what I found on Twitter: top 12 smart chains by ROI. They monitor them weekly.


These are the best performers since recently according to this picture. I just have some doubts on how they get this data. Maybe anyone knows?

I’m already holding ETH of course, also CSPR, MATIC, ADA, DOT. Thinking to buy others too.

Do you think ROI is a good indicator to choose the project and earn on price speculations?

reddit imageGoing to make my investments in top smartchains

8 thoughts on “Going to make my investments in top smartchains”

  1. That is an interesting question. I guess you can prolly watch the graphics on the github pages

  2. ROI is helpful, but I would compare 7 day roi with 1 month, 3 month, 1 year, and even more historical charts

  3. What about ALGO? Don’t see it here. I’m holding DOT, ALGO, TRX, ATOM, EVER, MATIC, these are the best and promising projects, watch out for them

  4. where’s cosmos (Ticker: ATOM) when that chain is the only relevant chain in the whole crypto ecosystem?

  5. I suggest buying more ETH and BTC. Also buy EVER (Everscale blockchain) it’s deep now and the ecosystem is constantly developing. But generally speaking you are right, it’s time to buy, every token is as its low now.

  6. If you’re looking at a 7 day chart your not going to hold crypto, your in and out for a quick trade. More power to you.

    A few thing getting in now is good. Figuring out when to sell is better, holding Bitcoin for the long run is best.

    As for smart chains to look at, I love Atom. But you need to look at that for the long run.

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