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Gladiator finance | $GLADIATOR

Hyper deflationary reflection token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Gladiator Finance is a hyper deflationary reflection token with NFT and Staking features hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. It is based on an innovative liquidity generating protocol with additional staking opportunities.

There is a transaction tax for $GLADIATOR of 15% on all buys, sells and transfers. During phase one, 8% of those taxes are redistributed to all token holders in order to provide passive income. The remaining 7% ensures the survival of the project such as marketing, technology and utility development, and buy back and burn feature.

In the second phase, the redistribution to shareholders increases to 10% of the total volume.

Prior to launch 34.1% of the total supply was burned, reducing the total overall supply.

We are proud to have the core leadership publicly front and center. This has provided an enormous amount of trust and confidence from our holders. The contract and all utilities are meticulously tested and audited by independent authorities.

MINT NFT will be first utility launched by Gladiator Finance before the launch. Following that, the NFT marketplace will be opened after the launch.

Staking will be second utility launched by Gladiator Finance. Gladiator Finance is currently developing Cesar Legionpad, a unique utility that will change the crypto industry. Testing for the Legionpad will begin Q2.

• Staking
• Mint nft
• NFT Marketplace Legionpad Passive Income
• 100% secure token launches
• Guaranteed rugpull-free
• One-Stop-Shop Launchpad with integrated DEX, Ticker and much more
• Unrivaled Customer Service with same day resolution center Accelerated Buyback & Burn for $GLADIATOR
• Payback incentives for launching tokens
• Help for launching tokens to get listed faster on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

Cesar legionpad | Unrivaled Security

Cesar Legionpad is being developed with one main idea in mind: the security of your investment in cryptos!

No more unknown factors, no more rug-pulls, just 100% safe token launches – and if anything should still go wrong, your investment will be insured by Gladiator Finance.

Cesar Legionpad will additionally have a number of unique and previously unseen features and combine them with all the tools needed to move around the crypto space on a daily basis. Obviously there is going to be a number of ways to profit from Cesar Legionpad for the holders of $GLADIATOR tokens.

Tokenomics = Total supply 1,000,000,000,000 | Burn 34%

• Team Tokens 1%
• Development 2%
• Airdrops and charity 5%
• Liquidity 43%
• Distribution of the 15% Transaction tax in phase 1
• $BUSD rewards 8%
• Marketing 3%
• Liquidity 2%
• Auto-Buyback & Burn 1%
• Staking Rewards 1%
• BUSD Rewards are automatically paid out to holders as soon as they reach an amount that is worth the gas fees. They can also be manually claimed from the Rewards Dashboard, but this may result in higher gas fees.
• With Phase 2 the $BUSD Rewards will increase to 10%. The share of marketing will accordingly be decreased to 1%.


– Q1
• Website Release
• Listing on Popular Coin Sites
• Wrapped Gladiator Release
• Launch on PancakeSwap and PooCoin dApp Rewards Dashboard
• NFT Marketplace Release

– Q2
• CMC and Gecko Listing Setup of a Charity Wallet 1st CEX Listing at BitMart Pinksale Listing
• Cesar Legionpad v1

• Cesar Legionpad in Full Operation Additional DEX and CEX Listings NFT Giveaway Promotion
• Team Expansion

• P2E Game Launch
• Sneak Preview of Secret Utility

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GLADIATOR | Gladiator Finance | Launching now | 8% Busd reflections | Doxxed team | Rewards for members | Real utulity 1000x | Launching its token BSC | Verified team

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