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Myself and my head coach with over 15 years combined trading experience are going to be running a free event next week about the US Economy, War and its correlation to the crypto market. Thought id share it here incase any of you are interested in getting some great insights.

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Topics covered:
US Financial Situation & Federal Reserve
Learn how the US Reserve system operates, the true goals of the Federal Reserve, and the overall economy. Discover the intriguing process of money creation.

How US Government Debt is created
Understand the reasons behind US government borrowing, how it’s used to fuel the economy, and the resulting impacts on the US currency.

How Inflation & Interest Rates Work
Discover the mechanics of inflation and its profound effects on daily life, understanding its connection to interest rates and their influence on today’s economic landscape.

US Bonds, Yields & how they effect Dollar Strength
Explore the role of bonds in the economy, the influence of the bond market on economic dynamics, and get a glimpse of future economic trends.

Bitcoin To USD Correlation & Why Debt can be bullish for BTC
Investigate how the relationship between bonds, debt, and the USD influences Bitcoin, and consequently, affects movements within the crypto markets.

How Oil Prices are Weakening the US Dollar & how the war is effecting oil supply
Analyze the effects of oil sanctions during wartime, including the rise in oil prices, increased inflation, and their collective impact on both the US dollar and the crypto market.

Risk Asset & Store of Value assets during times of war
Discover the most preferred store of value for currency during times of war and strategies to shield your assets from currency inflation.

The Bitcoin ETF & What is to come in 2024
Gain insights into the world of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in cryptocurrency, their growing popularity, how they can influence the market, and upcoming developments expected in 2024.

Secure your free ticket here: