Fatal error – RSOD

If you are a Trezor Model T user, in rare cases, you may encounter a fatal error displayed in red on your Trezor's screen. Let's break down different types of this error and what your options are.

To understand what the fatal error indicates, check for one of these messages:

1. “_usb_read”

This error indicates your Trezor has trouble reading the USB. Try using a different USB cable, or connect Trezor to a different computer.

2. “invalid bootloader header” or “invalid bootloader hash”

The update of the bootloader has failed. You can download the bootloader from here https://github.com/trezor/data/tree/master/bootloader and try installing it from the SD card manually.

3. “invalid firmware header” or “invalid firmware hash”

The firmware update has failed. Reconnect your Trezor in bootloader mode (swipe a finger across the display while plugging Trezor into a computer) and try the firmware update again.

4. “touch_power_on”

The device could not turn on the touchscreen. Try to reboot the device.

If the suggested troubleshooting does not help, you should contact our Support team to start the RMA process. You can reach our agents by using the Chatbot in the right corner: https://trezor.io/support.

Find more detail with actual photos of each fatal error in our Knowledge base: https://trezor.io/support/a/common-hardware-issues.

Fatal error - RSOD

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