Fastest way from crypto ATM to MetaMask wallet? Any help appreciated.

I am trying to buy some coin that rides on BSC smort chain (Galactic Quadrant for the upcoming Outer Ring mmo; $GQ). I have a metamask wallet, Binance account and some $USD – driving an hour tonight to ATM to covert cash to $GQ as fast as possible.

Binance is great but I'm looking at 3 – 10 days to go from $USD to $GQ in my MetaMask wallet via Binance directly. How can I cram crypto from ATM into MetaMask (BSC is great and cheap – not so worried about those fees in particular. Don't wanna pay for ether gas).

I also have BitPay & Gemeni wallets (that I may could use ???).

Whole point is the speed of $USD to $GC (coin on BSC smart chain) with as little fees as possiby. Please ask if I left out important details. Any advice is greatly appreciated. To the MooN!