Explaining BCH to my dad in a dream

E-currency exchange

**Sharing a literal dream here because it's stuck with me all day.**

Had a dream last night where I'm with my dad in my family's old garage. The TV is on, and the news starts talking about Bitcoin.

As with anything financial related, my dad listens intently. He then turns to me and asks, “What's up with this Bitcoin?” I explain that it's a decentralized way of having more power over your finances, whether you decide to spend or save it. He questions how nothing can be that easy and that there must be a margin, to which I reply something along the lines of, “With Bitcoin Cash, the transaction fee is miniscule. It's meant to be used to sent and received.” I show him a recent transaction with the fee on my phone. He's engaged and sounds genuinely interested.

I wake up. My dad died in 2017 the month Bitcoin split. He would've undoubtedly been interested in Bitcoin Cash and its uses cases.