Exodus 22.6.30 (Mobile) and 22.7.1 (Desktop) Release – Monero on Trezor support, Custom ETH tokens, Crypto purchases on Desktop, and more!

Hey there, r/ExodusWallet!

Today, we are releasing Exodus version 22.6.30 on Mobile and 22.7.1 on Desktop! Here is what to expect:

  • Monero on Trezor support – This was a big request that the Monero community made late last year. Exodus CEO JP Richardson personally promised that it would get added. Now, it's here! You can now hold XMR on the Trezor Model T using the Trezor Bridge in Exodus. We have more information on this connectivity here.
  • Custom ETH Tokens – You can now hold any ERC20 token in Exodus! We have a guide here for adding a custom token to your wallet.
  • Crypto Purchasing improvements – Hot off the heels of this feature being added to the Mobile and Browser Extension wallets, crypto purchasing has come to Desktop! Additionally, we've added a second crypto purchasing provider for this feature. More regions, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and payment methods are now supported.
  • [Desktop] ETH NFT Support – ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs can now be received and viewed on Exodus Desktop! Support for sending them, as well as ETH NFT support for Exodus Mobile will be coming soon.
  • New Assets
    • JUST (JST) on TRX
    • Sun (SUN) on TRX
    • Project Galaxy (GAL) on BSC
    • Green Satoshi Token (GST) on BSC
    • USDC on ALGO
    • USDT on ALGO

You can find the full release notes for this update and all past updates here. You can manually update your wallet here. If you’d like to wait, this release will be available when your wallet checks for updates later on July 1st. This update on Mobile has been submitted to Google and Apple for review and should be available in a few hours.

Feel free to get hyped and discuss this update here and on the Exodus Discord server. Also, for Facebook users out there, check out our new Facebook page! As always, thank you for using Exodus!

Exodus 22.6.30 (Mobile) and 22.7.1 (Desktop) Release - Monero on Trezor support, Custom ETH tokens, Crypto purchases on Desktop, and more!

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  2. Pinging a few users who had requested XMR on Trezor support in the past – u/mmhorda, u/WhatMixedFeelings, and u/tahanks4. Enjoy!

  3. Algorand ASAs that aren’t EXIT? Neat. Additional Algorand features are still in the pipeline, correct?

  4. Woooo more Algo Tokens and a lot of ETH improvements, that’s a huge update!

  5. How are in-wallet Crypto-Crypto exchanges routed? What platform is used?

    I’ve seen some posts that users are getting transactions stuck because of some questionable “KYC” holdups.

    Is there any progress on using ThorChain for the backend for coins listed there? I would feel a lot more comfortable using the in-wallet exchange feature knowing it’s routed through ThorChain.

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