Everything I have seen.

It’s scary times indeed, markets are crashing, there’s blood on the streets. And quiet rightly, people are panicking, and I get that.

However, regarding Harmony, I have complete confidence. I get to see a lot of insight regarding Harmony from speaking to people who attend offsite's, speaking to people regarding community sentiment, and working with DAOs. I kind of know enough to see when the FUD is simply misconceptions and is off from the truth, and more importantly, when mistakes are made and plans are rapidly evolved to combat things that need fixing.

From what I see and what I have come to know, that Harmony are taking the current market extremely seriously, and do not doubt this for a second, Harmony have some of the sharpest minds in the game, do not forget where these guys came from.

Yes, Harmony has taken a beating in the market, and some would say its been affected more than other chains, but understand, Harmony can be volatile, and when things are good, it moves violently to the upside. It was still one of the top performers of 2021.

I have held a number of AMA’s with the core team discussing some of the tricky points to address and after these convos I was able to see the real story, what was actually happening when the community thought that nothing was being done in certain areas. Harmony may have been jumping on the buzzwords like everyone else, but don’t think that there was no one grinding away on the network, or working on bridges or dealing with RPC issues putting together a solid plan for the future.

Harmony is heads down and get it done, If you want a chain in which the CEO is sitting speaking to the community every day, Cardano might be your home. They speak thought the tech and the achievements and not their ego. It always has been this way. Usually when we get an update it’s a lot later, but with the great work from Daniel Pagan working hard to improve communication and transparency across the board, this is changing.

I know that Harmony will continue to get stronger, better and they will continue to innovate, grow and improve in every area that's needed.

I know the reddit community had a number of AMA’s regarding hot topics a while ago. But if you want to listen along to the AMA’s held with the team on Twitter Spaces, then you can find them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGWtqbwSyefC4K9hamPaTpg

Please be aware, that these AMA’s were conducted before Harmony went into battle stations mode and for recent information, check out the One weekly videos or pinned reddit posts to find out the teams plans.

Stay strong everyone, we’re gonna be fine. Believe in the team, show your support and LFG.

Everything I have seen.

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  2. Harmony and ADA are my top for a bear market. I like the slow approach. They got to learn from the 🔥 outs such as Solana what can happen and make fixes.
    The tech is sound and as much as people like Bull Gates hates blockchain technology it continues to show it is the future.
    The market is a reaction to inflation and that’s a complicated nut to crack. We won’t see any real movement until the next consumer report which could be bad or good. So short term the market is what it is.

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