Ethereum outperformed Bitcoin by 338% in number of transactions during 2022

It seems ETH is putting up a fight, after all! When comparing charts of their performances the difference is clear:

ETH and BTC transactions during 2022. Data was fetched from Nasdaq and Ychart.

The values shown in the chart are in millions of transactions. The average transactions per day were 1,119,292 for ETH and 255,086 for BTC.

Another thing to point out is that BTC transactions followed a clear periodic pattern. I was not expecting that either. ETH, on the other hand, had more volatility to this matter. This is expected as there are NFTs and all kinds of smart contracts going on there.

The total numbers were:

  • 408,541,610 ETH transactions
  • 93,106,378 BTC transactions

I guess ETH is indeed more bound to adoption due to the amount of use-cases it already has. Before getting the data I was expecting that this would be the scenario, but 338% is way more than I thought.

I was skeptical about people saying that a flippening could happen some day, but now I see that people advocating for it do have some basis to say so.

Happy New Year!

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50 thoughts on “Ethereum outperformed Bitcoin by 338% in number of transactions during 2022”

  1. Imagine thinking that BTC blocks is the same as transactions… Or that a BTC tx is a single tx (lightning channels merge tx’s).

    The point is the comparing base layer transactions is meaningless, if trying to judge adoption.

  2. Pro & con info are in the collapsed comments below for the following topics: Bitcoin, Ethereum.

  3. ETH would have more transactions because of smart contracts, NFTs, DeFi etc. This is like comparing apples with oranges

  4. And lite coin outperformed eth and XRP in number of transactions and making payments according to bitbay , but this doesn’t make it any better than them

  5. Why will I use BTC ? It’s for long term savings. I’m moving my BTC from the exchange to my cold wallet never to be moved in 20 years minimum

  6. That’s not surprising, a lot things are built on ETH as you’ve pointed out

    Most, if not all, things marketed as “ETH killers” sure didn’t really do much…

  7. Not surprising, really. BTC is a store of value and ETH is more utility based. Both are part of my retirement portfolio (in a Roth IRA).

  8. I’m not surprised. ETH has a lot of DeFi and all that when BTC is mostly held as a store of value. Both are great though, a good balance of BTC and ETH is never a bad thing for a healthy portfolio

  9. It uses smart contracts and is the backbone of defi/nfts which was the catalyst for the last bull run. BTC is mostly for payments and store of value.

  10. Not really. We are also talking about other on-chain transactions, which would be all the smart contract tokens and NFT’s aswell (like you somewhat stated).

    Wouldn’t really call it outperforming because of that.

  11. That is a lot lower than I expected. It’s a smart contracting language vs a value store.

  12. Pretty much my entire portfolio right there. Held many bags over the years but just ended up pretty much where I started lol.

  13. This chart would suggest there is more adoption of ETH but what about the fact there could be a lot more diamond hands holders of BTC?

    ETH will be higher due to NFT’s anyway which I guess is adoption.

  14. ETH is a great bet. I wish it dropped to 1k$ or below before the next bull market

  15. This is like saying
    „Fiat is selling a lot more cars than Ferrari“

    Of course. Bitcoin is a store of value while Ethereum has an actual usecase with one of the biggest NFT-chains, a lot of tokens on its chain, etc…

  16. Not surprising. Eth is the BTC killer. Always has been. But the ETH killers are finally catching up to ETH and it will lose it’s dominance in the smart contact space. Namely Polkadot

  17. For use as a payment for goods and services


  18. Such a meaningless comparison you’re making.

    BSC transactions per day is 3 million. It’s 3x eth transactions. Tron has 5 million per day.

    Majority of transactions on ethereum are not eth transactions. It’s stablecoins and shitcoins.

    Ethereum was once again in 2022 the most exploited chain with also the most value exploited. Same as every year.

    Bitcoin settles more value than Visa and zero exploits. If you included Lightning then Bitcoin will be much higher. You don’t have data for it.

  19. What ETH use cases actually has? And please don’t tell me about “rare” JPEGs..

  20. BTC stopped being useful when it didn’t raise the blocksize. Nobody wants to pay those outrageous fees. Doesn’t surprise me there are more transactions on ETH.

  21. ETH is a scam after PoS. Not only it is NFT under hard surveillance and censorship, ETH transaction can be declined by PoS validators. Thus, there remains no “smart” in ETH “smart” contracts, they are just “fool” contracts executed in the narrow set of PoS validators and that is equivalent like they are executed on a small cluster of computers in a traditional bank’s data center.

  22. Since the merge ETH has been gliding on cruise, and the upcoming sharding..which would be Strengthening L2 protocols, it’s just something to look forward to, I guess more transactions should be recorded(expected) on the ecosystem, if that’s a fundamental for you

  23. Bitcoin has a working layer 2, etheroim not. If you just look at the number of transactions, you also need to add all lightning transactions.

  24. Ethereum is like AOL

    They really had something but in a decade it will be a relic

  25. L2 eth total transactions are going to surpass total eth transactions this year too.

  26. Thats because Ethereum enabled all the idiots in this sub to buy tons of scam projects. Bitcoin you can just buy Bitcoin. Thats not as fun as some well marketed horseshit. Let’s not even get into NFTs contribution. The title might a well be average IQ of Ethereum user 15 points less than BTC user.

    I’m not saying it isn’t great tech. I’m just saying these transactions where because the space is retarted

  27. This is such a stupid metric to compare the two with. Bitcoin most people consider it digital gold so of course they buy it and just let it sit in storage. Ethereum is a utility coin so people buy NFTs, play games, buy erc-20 tokens, etc. So yeah Ethereum will always have more transactions.

  28. Bitcoin is a store of wealth, Ethereum strives to be more of a defi kinda thing, thus it doesn’t really make sense to compare them in terms of # of transactions. Ethereum would obviously have more by nature.

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