Ethereum outperformed Bitcoin by 338% in number of transactions during 2022

It seems ETH is putting up a fight, after all! When comparing charts of their performances the difference is clear:

ETH and BTC transactions during 2022. Data was fetched from Nasdaq and Ychart.

The values shown in the chart are in millions of transactions. The average transactions per day were 1,119,292 for ETH and 255,086 for BTC.

Another thing to point out is that BTC transactions followed a clear periodic pattern. I was not expecting that either. ETH, on the other hand, had more volatility to this matter. This is expected as there are NFTs and all kinds of smart contracts going on there.

The total numbers were:

  • 408,541,610 ETH transactions
  • 93,106,378 BTC transactions

I guess ETH is indeed more bound to adoption due to the amount of use-cases it already has. Before getting the data I was expecting that this would be the scenario, but 338% is way more than I thought.

I was skeptical about people saying that a flippening could happen some day, but now I see that people advocating for it do have some basis to say so.

Happy New Year!

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