Ethereum Game Changer!! The ERC-4337 Upgrade Explained!πŸ’₯

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Ethereum Game Changer!! The ERC-4337 Upgrade Explained!💥

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10 thoughts on “Ethereum Game Changer!! The ERC-4337 Upgrade Explained!πŸ’₯”

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  2. I couldn't agree more, but have to be honest in that I have never thought about it in the way you have presented it. I haven't heard about ERC-4337 until this report. Thanks, Guy! Learned a lot!

  3. Is it just me or has the video quality been significantly better? 🀝

  4. please agree that the Death Start and Gary Gensler line was written by ChatGPT πŸ˜€

  5. erc-4337, one way to stop people adopting crypto, why make this stuff so complicated, just call it Ethereum and be done with it, i spend more time checking chain compatibility than i do confirming my identity and buying stuff, nerds are retrds…

  6. Ethereum has nothing on other projects, and is no better now than crypto was 15 years ago… it's a waste of time…

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