ETHDam Approaches, Underlines Privacy as the Game-changer Narrative to Boost Altcoin Performance

There is no dearth of altcoins calling for attention. But how to know which ones to back? Imminent Bitcoin halving and bullish market sentiments can only take you so far. Only a robust narrative that will transform the crypto and web3 space can translate into a rewarding success story. Oasis Network stands tall with its cutting-edge smart privacy solutions that touch almost every aspect of web3 – DeFi, AI, account abstraction, SocialFi, even DAOs, web3 gaming, and NFTs.

The renewed focus on privacy is aligned with the Oasis mission and vision of a uniquely scalable, privacy-first, and versatile web3 through confidential computation and the use of trusted execution environments. This has gelled so well with crypto AI that recently Oasis (native token – ROSE) was lauded by as one of the top 10 AI tokens to know in 2024. Oasis, however, continues to emphasize privacy as the underlying narrative that enables the better, safer web3 experience for everyone. Its participation and role as a sponsor in worldwide blockchain events also demonstrates this.

After the roaring success of ETHDenver, Oasis is now prepping for ETHDam. In between, it made its presence quietly yet strongly felt at the inaugural ETHBucharest edition (catch the highlights here). Since then, Oasis has also been named as one of the official sponsors of the dAppCon at Berlin later this year. However, ETHDam remains special as Oasis is the main sponsor along with the event host – CryptoCanal.

The 3-day event is scheduled for April 12-14. Oasis Technical Product Manager, Harry Roberts is the keynote speaker at the Grote Zaal – ETHDam Main Stage on April 12 which precedes the privacy panel talk featuring some stalwarts from the blockchain world. One of the star attractions of ETHDam this year is the hackathon organized by Oasis. The bounty is a generous $10k prize pool inviting projects to leverage Oasis's confidential Sapphire EVM features like private storage, RNG, encryption, key generation, and signing.

With less than a week to go before ETHDam starts, Oasis Software Engineer, Matevz Jekovec recently conducted an in-depth workshop for Solidity devs and dApp builders. While it is true only hardcore and tech-savvy altcoin enthusiasts could appreciate the detailed learning resources and tooling, the key takeaway was its immense helpfulness for prospective hackathon participants at ETHDam.

There are also surprises waiting at ETHDam 2024. Prominent among these is when Oasis fulfills its promise of a grand revelation of its brand refresh that will underline its position as the leading voice of web3 privacy. Also, extending ETHDam beyond the Grote Zaal by taking it across Amsterdam, several other Ethereum-based and privacy-focused workshops, networking events, etc are planned and will soon be announced.

So, if you are a privacy maxi or count yourself among hackers, crypto natives, and creators in an EVM ecosystem, come and join ETHDam for three exciting days, starting April 12!