Epic web3 agglayer alpha

  • The video discusses Polygon's “aggregation layer” (AggLayer) which aims to connect different blockchains and rollups to share liquidity and state.
  • Chains can use different execution environments, data availability layers, and virtual machines but must settle on Ethereum.
  • The AggLayer provides “shared security” by tracking balances across chains to prevent theft even if an individual chain has a soundness bug.
  • Interoperability between chains can happen synchronously or asynchronously depending on needs, with the AggLayer enabling low-latency and trustless transfers.
  • The long-term vision is an “app chain explosion” where many specialized chains plug into the shared liquidity rather than competing for it.
  • Revenue for Polygon may come through operating public chains and fees paid by other chains to the AggLayer, but focus is on growing the ecosystem over short-term profits.