Duxis Mmorpg P2E Beta Presale

Duxis Overview


❓ What makes Duxis unique ❓

His universe is not a simple game, but an artistic game, his universe is unique, his characters, classes, monsters, everything is authentic!

The economy is thought out to allow a game without abuse or distortion between players who pay and those who do not pay, while being able to offer rewards, to earn money for those who want it.

In almost all MMORPGs, those that are not play to win, you can buy virtual items/currency on the black market, we can hear swords at $15,000 from the game World Of Warcraft for example, here the objective is to authorize this via an in-game (and web) marketplace through a token. Those who want to progress faster, get rare stuff easily, can buy Kuxs, via the $GAX token from other players.

❓ Why two currencies ❓

Only one is a crypto, the $GAX, limited, which is available on all game servers, while the Kuxs, will be unlimited and easy to loot in game, so the more players there are on a server, the more the server age, the more Kuxs there are in circulation, the more the Kuxs / Gax price will increase, obviously it is supply and demand that will govern the initial prices.

Second, since $Gax is cross-server, when creating a new server, there are hardly any Kuxs in circulation, and certainly a lot of demand from players wanting to be the first. faster !

Those who, no doubt motivated by competitions and seasonal prize pools

ℹ️ Various features ℹ️

You play one or more characters among 12 different classes, each having 21 spells specific to its class in different elements, which offers a large number of possibilities! More than an MMORPG, Duxis is a game of tactics where strategy and reflection count more than the speed of action!

Create equipment, improve these objects or harvest resources by performing trades;

Defeat dungeon bosses with various game mechanics and different difficulty levels;

Participate in Tournaments or Arena battles against other players;

Meet new people via the developed social side of the game (Guilds, Alignment, Groups);

Carry out quests to discover the world of the game, but also to acquire new objects or special resources;

Go on treasure hunts to obtain specific resources.

ℹ️ Presale Launch ℹ️

Duxis will launch its token $GAX on BSC on March 10, 2022 20:00 UTC on DXSALE and will then be available for purchase on PANCAKESWAP, the contract will be AUDIT and verified by DXSALE.

Chain: BNB

Presale price: 615 000 $GAX = 1 $BNB

Listing price : 555 723 $GAX = 1 $BNB

Listing marketcap: ~ $286 000

Softcap: 100 BNB

Hardcap: 200 BNB

Presale closes: March 10, 2022 22:00 UTC

There are two airdrops allowing you to distribute (4,500,000 $GAX, ~1% of the supply) You can invite your friends via your discord invitation link and be rewarded.

😊Website – https://duxis.online/

💬Discord – https://discord.gg/7Fzz6msGHj

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