DO NOT Buy Bitcoin Until This Happens!


DO NOT Buy Bitcoin Until This Happens!

This video is about the Dollar Milkshake Theory. It predicts a rising dollar which may lead to a currency crisis and sovereign debt crisis around the world. It’s at that point when the Fed may be forced to pivot and fire up the money printer in an inflationary environment. And when that happens, interesting things could happen to commodities and hard assets such as Bitcoin. Usually we are a crypto channel but we sometimes veer into tech, finance, and economics. If you want CRYPTO NEWS analysis though, you should subscribe to my newsletter: r #Bitcoin #crypto #Fed #DollarMilkshakeTheory #BrentJohnson #Economics

9 thoughts on “DO NOT Buy Bitcoin Until This Happens!”

  1. What do you think? YAY or NAY for the Dollar Milkshake Theory? Aka will it happen or is it BS?

  2. Keep that theory in mind before buying BTC with other indicators like volume, RSI, Fibonacci, Moving Avg etc

  3. good job with this video. i think the conclusion of “buy BTC” was reaching, but the rest of the video was good

  4. What are the chances though that DXY will hit over 120? Looking at the past 10 years I dont see a 120 mark not even in 2008. Still thank you for your vids I really appreciate your insides.

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