DiversiFi Token Presale – The Easiest Way to Learn and Build a Fantom Network Token Portfolio.

Buy one token, Diversifi, from any chain and gain exposure to all of our amazing Fantom project partners. Plus Diversifi has partnered with FantomSquad NFT's to provide even more value! Public Presale just started!

Diversifi Creates Value For DFi Crypto Holders In 5 Ways:

  1. Dividend Payouts in any of our Fantom Partners' Tokens just for holding!

  2. Lock your tokens for a period of time and multiply your rewards!

  3. Rewards for community building

  4. FantomSquad NFT royalties

  5. Buy-backs!

Diversifi Token Website: Diversificrypto.com

FantomSquad NFT Website: Fantomsquad.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/36pgjnPj2W

Telegram: https://telegram.me/DiversifiSquad

DiversiFi Locking System: The problem with traditional staking and vaults is the tokens are removed from your account and kept in a centralized location, making a high value target for hackers to drain. With our system, the tokens remain in your account and custody. We remove your ability to sell or transfer DFi Tokens until the locking period you selected has elapsed, but you can still buy and add DFi tokens to your locked bag. While being locked in our “staking system” you will receive a bigger percentage of reflection tokens that you pick to receive. The longer you lock, the more you receive. The reflection tokens you receive while being locked are delivered as real time volume happens (not delivered at the end of the locking term). The reflection tokens are fully tradable (but DFi reflections will be auto locked if you have locked your DFi token bag). This is truly Decentralized Staking… With this method, not even hackers can take your tokens (this has been informally tested and proven to work!)

Presale is now live!!!


Min buy: 1,000 DFi

Max buy: 45,000 DFi

Max hold per wallet: 45,000 DFi


We only accept FTM, ERC20 ETH OR BEP20 SMARTCHAIN as payment for DFi tokens in this presale.

When DiversiFi Token launches on Spooky Swap, FTM will be required to trade DFi.

If you require help or have any questions with using the presale app, just ask one of our admins/mods. We will be more than happy to help with your DFi transactions!

DiversiFi Token Presale - The Easiest Way to Learn and Build a Fantom Network Token Portfolio.

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