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Daily General Discussion - June 30, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 30, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. You know we are nearing the bottom when Binance hits you with the “network congestion” message lmao

  2. If BTC does not close above $22,000 in June (which it is obviously not doing), then this will be the first monthly close below the 200-week moving average in history.

    Edit – https://i.redd.it/9mfyfv20dr891.jpg

  3. If your feeling sorry for yourself due to the dump. Go to CelsiusNetwork. At least it could be worse.

  4. Every crypto is falling…except for the one you sold and the one you thought of buying.

  5. My dominatrix is a cruel mistress, she says I’m not allowed to come until ETH 2.0 does 🤐🔵🔵

  6. Eth and Bitcoin quarterly charts are so nasty even pornhub wouldn’t show them

  7. If you told friends about crypto and they invested it must feel like Travolta witnesses Uma Thurman OD in Pulp Fiction RIP

  8. I don’t think crypto will bottom soon til equities market start looking bullish again.

  9. If you need to steel your resolve on a day like today, spend 5 minutes on r/buttcoin and ask yourself if people that stupid could possibly be right while goldman sachs et al are all wrong.

  10. For those who joined crypto in 2021, now you can tell your friends you bought the crypto top at $19k in 2017 and they’d believe you 🤣

  11. Halving this, halving that

    The only thing that halved, is our networth 😭

  12. How many people actually became millionaires out of crypto and still pretend like nothing happened to family and friends lmao. Must be hilarious to troll like that for years 🤣

  13. Bought a lot of crypto when it crashed to 17k the other week. Do not care at all if it goes way lower like 10-12k. Bring it on. Will buy a lot more. Nobody can time the bottom and when all of this macroeconomic bullshit is over and the market is bullish again, any of these prices are going to be awesome entries.

    Lambo is not a question of if, but wen!

  14. Let’s list all of the dead idols

    Plan McDonald’s Twitter hat guy

    Stock 2 Low model

    Fear and more Fear index

  15. Buy order set. Time to get some rest. Gotta wake up early to mine fiat tomorrow. Goodnight folks

  16. Man I was so close to choosing Celsius over Gemini because they offered a higher yield percentage. Just felt like it was too good to be true at the time. Glad my greed didn’t take over my critical thinking haha.

    Although still got extremely lucky with Gemini earn and was able to get my money out

  17. Feels like one of those days btc runs after the market closes for whatever reason

  18. Realistically let’s say I buy 0.2 bitcoin and forget about it and my little siblings get it after I suffer heart attack from chart watching , in 2045 Is person with 0.2 bitcoin a wealthy one?

  19. Why i can’t see gainers/losers like before on coinbase app but just trade option?

  20. btc tracking the stock market 5x to downside, none of upside. at this rate 10k soon.

  21. LTC/BTC and LTC/ETH both have massive bull flags that look ready to breakout to the upside.

    Might be a nice play here if LTC can show a solid reversal on both pairs.

  22. Are people in the crypto world going to get smarter ? Or y’all will just throw money at every alt coins “cause they have promissing uses”

  23. I feel like a doomer when I bring up hyperinflation but I feel like it’s a real possibility at this point

  24. Anyone know what the deal with those Algo governance nfts is? Do you get something for holding them?

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