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Daily General Discussion - June 12, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 12, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. I hope bitcoin drops to 10k… I can finally get it for the same price as my friend who laughed at me when I was buying at 50k

  2. Stock futures are down , crypto is down, oil is up. I keep buying the dip and it keeps dipping…..

  3. At least I got enough money left for my gambling addiction therapy, it’s something

  4. Is it sensible to make swaps on Osmosis soon after it goes back online at 4 UTC?

    My technical knowledge is fairly limited but is there likely to be poor liquidity and big price slippage in the early moments of it starting up again?

  5. Man ive been dcaing and being down all these months ive honestly not been bothered by it, dealing with the important things of day to day life… now im really starting to feel like ive fucked up tho

  6. No one knows where the markets are going. It’s wise, however, to remember that bears can be just as greedy as bulls.

  7. I am getting more and more certain BTC will go to 20k, eth 650, sol 15, ada 0.2 and luna negative!

  8. Just as a point of reference, the guru who swore to me that link was going to 100 last summer just alerted me to sell everything and wait for another 50% crash over the next few days. I’d take that as being super bullish if the economy amd world (to some extent) weren’t looking so darn grim at the moment.

  9. Oh come on guys. My hands r made with diamonds n we can sail through this stormy bearish days.

  10. The ETH beacon chain has passed 400k individual validators with over 12.8 million ETH staked.


  11. The amount of people speaking with such conviction that this bear market will last years makes me think we’ll bounce back sooner.

  12. ETH fanboys waiting for the merge don’t know that Vitalik will give them merge, purge, surge, verge, splurge and himself take retirement-urge to Bahamas-urge. Then they can keep playing with their merge, verge, surge, verge, splurge and their bags till kingdom come.

  13. Hello! How can I find out if I received new luna tokens grom the airdrop? I can’t find the address to put in tw. If I’m doing something wrong please tell me, thank you!

  14. I’m curious how long until the sentiment changes back to the usual bull? A week tops? 😂

  15. Bronze hands has hurt me in the past but definitely helped me more recently when I panic sold in January. Phew…

  16. Masturbation with Diamonds hands is pretty hard I got blood on my hands and I guess bear got a smell of it and it took my gains

  17. It’s pretty fucking pathetic in here today ngl. I feel sad for some of you that lost it all and I’m grossed out by how many buttcoiners are having a circle jerk pretending they understand economics. Real bad look all the way around.

  18. Hooray crypto! Wash away the disbelievers so that the grass may grow anew!! Let their tears give us sustinence in the future

  19. FED meeting this Tuesday and Wednesday, how much are they going to raise interest rates?

  20. I’m working 6 days a week right now, Sunday is my only day off. And I’m not gonna let any charts stress me out today 😎

  21. Dont think theres gonna be any movement tonight bois. Tommorrow when futures open maybe

  22. Crypto vs the world

    Crypto alongside the world

    Crypto vs crytpo

    Back to how it was before crytpo

    Heading into last part now.

  23. Who remembers BTC $100k and ETH $20,000 by 2022?

    All those moments lost in time, like tears in rain…

  24. Crypto party is over for good, boys

    If you didn’t get rich off this shit before the capitulation, you will never, ever be.

    A bullrun WILL never happen again.

  25. Anyone know if its too late to get the luna airdrop now? And how?
    I have some lunc on the voyager exchange

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