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Daily General Discussion - July 14, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – July 14, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. Damn it! You can’t win. Short or long. Why not just send it to zero? Bitcoin CANNOT hit 28k if it does people could get fucked twice. Market was bad enough long! I don’t want to be a 95%er

  2. With this pump, I am happy to announce that I am now very close to financial freedom!

    I only need another 10000% on my ICP and LUNA holdings but I can basically smell it now!

  3. Story time!

    I have always been interested in investing and in 2012 I was also really into iPhone. That shit was so cool back then, the iPhone 5 just dropped out and it was miles above the iPhone 4S, which itself was a whole leap forward from iPhone 3GS etc.

    That year, I had some money from working during summer break. I decided that I wanted to buy Apple stock with that.

    I did just that. Bought I think one or two shares (at the time, before the stock split, one share of AAPL was in the low thousands per share).

    The share started to drop from there. It was overheated they were saying, having run-up in anticipation of the launch of iPhone 5. The first weekend sales of the phone were an absolute record hit, however the number came below what analysts had expected.

    On the advice of my parents, I sold my shares and salvaged what I could. Keep in mind I was a teenager at this time.

    Today that share would be worth I believe a solid 12x since then. Of course, fundamentally I was right that the iPhone and Apple was THE thing. But the market was scary and I was inexperienced.

  4. Most coin mentions on r/cc (2022-07-13):

    Coin Mentions
    BTC 521
    ETH 250
    XRP 82
    MOON 79
    CEL 75
    ADA 50
    OP 46
    MATIC 42
    DOT 41
    SOL 40
    ALGO 39
    LRC 31
    LUNA 30
    USDT 27
    ATOM 26
    USDC 23
    XMR 22
    CKB 22
    IMX 20
    BNB 19

    Data source and app


  5. I haven’t been in crypto for too long. I feel like I’ve grasped a decent bit of knowledge in the sector and asset class. I’ve got a couple of my alt coin holdings on their respective wallets, staked and earning me more. I keep a small amount of funds on Binance for swing trading but it’s a small percentage of my portfolio.

    I had a majority of my ETH in BlockFi and half of my BTC in BlockFi awhile back earning me ‘interest’ as I didn’t have another means to stake or earn extra off those 2 projects. I was silly and moved to Celsius as their withdraw fee structure was more conducive to my minnow-like holdings. Welp, looks like I am kissing those coins goodbye.

    TL;DR If you are using centralized platforms for anything, there is always a risk you can lose access to your crypto. Be careful out there.

  6. lol all the low tier exchanges are closing shop.

    Looks like Hoo just went under. Website’s gone, a couple weeks ago they closed withdrawals and said they’re working on resolving the issue.

    I guess disappearing entirely does resolve the issue.

  7. Another wave of buying is incoming. Seems like every 3 hrs. Very positive sign of a strategic buyer

  8. Anyone else having an issue not getting notifications when people comment on your posts?

  9. Do you think anyone actually pays for CoinGecko Premium? I mean, $42 a month/$500 a year in these market conditions, now that’s STEEP.

  10. Why are we pumping? CPI came in high, FED will be raising rates again later this month and the stock market is still red… What am I missing?

  11. A lot of people lost money this time around with Luna, Celsius, voyager, etc. I wonder if it was this bad the last bear market?

  12. next narrative is… solana to the moon. previous reddit narratives: LRC(at ATH, dropped right after), APE(at ATH, dropped right after), GME (lol), the bottom isn’t in…and solana sucks

    inb4 solana pamp

  13. One of my mates watched for years some crypto youtubers & at one point was probably +100k profit. I hate to think what he is down now

  14. ETH gonna hit around $1250 and then go down again. That’s been the play 3 times in a month now.

  15. Totally not complaining but wtf is up with this market. What news did I miss? How did we shoot from $860b to $930b so quick?

  16. If we would of just thrown the house (literally) on BTC everytime it hit 19k and sold everytime it touched 21k we would all of made back our losses and then some. My god it’s comical watching the charts these days

  17. So what is your biggest issue you see in your crypto investing?

    Mine is selling before I reach my goal. When I see some profits I feel fear and want to sell so I can lock in something only to see the markets go parabolic. So I need to find a way to keep my end goal in sight and ignore all the noise.

  18. This daily hitting 3k comments a day like 6 months into a bear market is certainly a new thing. There’s still a lot of interest in crypto and a lot of ‘bears; here are only bears because they want to buy lower not because they think crypto is going to die which is very different to last time

  19. Is the bottom in? I hope it’s not! But the market knows and probably not gonna Gimmie what I want

  20. The Celsius sub is just repeating the TerraLuna sub. While it’s sad that there are people that lost their money, the sentiment will change eventually. Moon bois will invade and start throwing loads of money at Cel in hopes of riding the volatility. And eventually it’ll just look like r/cryptomoonshots

  21. Good news for Matic


  22. I wish Ledger was open source. I’m sure its fine, but just on principle I want to go open source. In a space built on trustlessness, I think its important.

  23. At this point you’re better off investing in a penny stock like Aerotyne International than a penny crypto coin like Loopring. LOLring

  24. I don’t even know what Celsius is/was…proving that sometimes ignorance is bliss I guess.

  25. Celsius is the why of things like “not your keys, not your coins”. It was never meant as a conservative anti-risk position, literally self-custody is part of Bitcoin as it was intended. Heed this warning and get your hardware wallet NOW.

  26. Went over to the Celsius sub. Yep. I’m done for today. I’ll see y’all next week

  27. While I support the hardware wallet turmoil I have to say that if you are fairly inexperienced in crypto, stored assets on a top popular exchange and value not far in 5-7 digits – you are most likely completely fine.

    Don’t stress it, do your research about hardware wallets and decide for yourself.

    Not a big fan of spreading fear to everybody not owning a hardware wallet tbh…

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