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Daily General Discussion - July 1, 2022 (GMT+0)

44 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – July 1, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. My cryptoversary is coming up and this year I’m thinking I’ll celebrate by being down 25k

  2. I have been buying BTC and ETH weekly on FTX US Pro.

    Going to shift BTC buys to Binance since it’s zero fees. I can automate weekly buys in Binance.

    Can I automate weekly buys on FTX US Pro or will I have to switch to FTX US?

  3. daily streak of waiting til CRO hits $2….how many days do you think I will make it to?

    Day 214

    (Yes, I know it’ll be forever. Thanks in advance for stating the obvious)

  4. I’m grateful that I’m in a position to be able to,

    A. fuck around with you degenerates on a Friday afternoon.

    B. get baked all day.


  5. Self control is a valuable thing. It feels good when you have a project you like, set a target to buy -90%, then have the self control to wait months to achieve that.

    I think many here have terrible self control, fomo in and out of projects, then get mad at others who take the time to wait for a good set ups/ entries.

    Everyone should take a few minutes out of the day to think about their goals, practice patience, learn some discipline. Definitely helps to become a better investor. Just my opinion though 🤷‍♂️

  6. What you up to ATOM? Have you finally found your way or just another pump and dump?

  7. Looking for a solution I can use to backtrace all of my crypto transactions and pull together the paper trail so I have to hand if I ever need to prove where it came from. Anyone got software suggestions?

  8. I was trying to move a few BTCs and I put my home address. Are my coins gone?

  9. I’m becoming a mother soon. Hopefully i can gift my child some wonderful internet money in the coming years.

  10. So is everyone in here still agreeing that we will see a red weekend, bc USA has a holiday (again)?

  11. Hmmm so Elrond can do 250k tps on their testnet and eth will be able to do up to 100k after 2.0 🤔. It seems eth could be overvalued

  12. Lets see what’s up this weekend that’s usually when the most volatile shit goes down (or up)

  13. I leveraged 82 of my platypi against BTC @ 18900 . If it falls to that level they will be coming to take them 🙁 the pond will be empty and i’ll be left alone with mother again . Roughly speaking; $172k will excrete from my possession into the hands of thems.

  14. Any suggestions on a nft display? Preferably one that cycles through multiple nfts in your wallet

  15. ” Do not get it twisted , do not gamble , you WILL lose.”

    *opens door*


    **Me on floor literally playing twister while trying to tie a cherry stem in a knot & watching tornado chasers**

  16. Omg… Scammers are improving and now they only offer a 1.5% daily using defi?

    You can all block to u/Commercial_Oil_3544 or try to use a reverse card on him

  17. come on bro let’s crash and burn. let’s get those summer discounts

    someone start buying so it goes lower

  18. I was talking to a bot (super formal, instant replies, poor understanding of language, etc.) on dm asking about crypto and turns out they are programmed to retaliate to things they perceive as insults. Midway through a detailed conversation about crypto I abruptly asked:

    “How big is your penis?”

    “Older than your mother”

    Not sure how that made any sense, but it made my day to see a bot saying that.

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