[Daily Discussion] – Sunday, June 12, 2022

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[Daily Discussion] - Sunday, June 12, 2022

25 thoughts on “[Daily Discussion] – Sunday, June 12, 2022”

  1. You guys asked for more lines, so without further ado; More lines. I think we could dump as low as 22k, but we’ll see if we even make a lower low at all from the dump at the end of May. Next 6.9 picoseconds are critical.

  2. Bitcoin has never existed in a recessionary environment. We’re in totally uncharted territory

  3. Volume is increasing between every drop.

    I have a feeling next drop will be a big one.

  4. “50k is a done. deal. Friday, next Monday, tomorrow, sometime in June… does it matter? It’s happenin’, baby, and when it does, it ain’t un-happenin’… like, ever.”

    I posted this quote a month ago, because it was perfect.

    The chart looks like shit. Because of, or in spite of that, I bought more yesterday at $28K.

    We’re running out of June, baby. When does it start happening?

  5. I wish I would have sold in May, now I’ll likely be capitulating at 26k. What’s the point of holding when you can get in lower.

  6. Please stop selling tyvm

    Only hopium I see on the chart is RSI on weekly is same level as it is when we were at our second $3k low in Mar 2020. As in, bottom may be in very soon. I really do not want to go down to 200W MA.

  7. I wish I had listened to that crypto crew university guy. He’s been right for like a year straight. It’s almost scary.

    Why am I so downvoted is this guy hated here or something?

  8. What changed for you bulls between March 27 and now Ya’ll we’re wildin out. What’s happened since? Terra Collapse, and a few shitty CPI prints? Macros been shit but it was always shit if you were that bullish fundamentally on BTC then it’s a lot cheaper now, buy more dummie, don’t panic sell.

  9. u/thewardser what are your thoughts here on the market…anything changed for you?

  10. Stagflation would obviously be a major risk for BTC (simply because a lot of people don’t understand it and treat it as a risk asset akin to a tech stock), but in my opinion it could also present a major opportunity for it. If there are enough convicted buyers at some reasonable price level (to avoid total collapse), then I believe stagflation could (eventually) actually cause precisely the paradigm shift for BTC to truly explode to the upside.

    Does anyone else agree with this?

  11. On Deribit, in terms of net delta, puts outweigh calls 3 to 1. This means people are profiting as the price goes down. Most of those contracts are for June 24 expiry. I really don’t think this is going to last as long as some say, dragging on for months, etc. Furthermore, I don’t think we’ll even make it to the 200 week SMA. I think the best bears will do is a retest of 25k.

    My prediction is still back above 30k in July, back above 40k in September, and back above 50k in November. If you’re selling now you’re doing it wrong and if you are worried about it going down to 15k then you are over invested. Reduce your position size until you are comfortable or just stop caring. Close the charts, bury your ledger, and wait 3 years.

  12. Predictions for today?

    Got a short position opened at $27.5k as im feeling we arnt done for the weekend yet.

    As much as it pains me to see btc go down, its a good profit making oppotunity.

  13. In times like this, one need only look how much well above the 200wma or the realised price, the price of Bitcoin tends to stay for most of its lifetime.

    And then figure whether it really is worth quibbling with trying to time entry when near the rare – one in several years moment – of being near it.


  14. So Cassandra is back on Tw@ter as of last week. He’s posting about MBS/MBB.

    Is this a signal that we’ve got 2 more years till the crash?

  15. Coin 2 has dipped below its previous cycle high. Some very significant support levels coming up for btc…200w ma, previous cycle high and 1 trillion crypto market cap.

    If the macro pushes us below those levels we could be in for a bleak crypto winter. We can only hope this gets front run. That’s about the only hopium there is rn

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