[Daily Discussion] – Monday, June 27, 2022

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[Daily Discussion] - Monday, June 27, 2022

18 thoughts on “[Daily Discussion] – Monday, June 27, 2022”

  1. Looks like the ‘going to zero’ spiel is back on the menu and ironically being said by Chinese govt who have already banned Bitcoin last year. Bottom indicator?

  2. My daily, β€˜the bottom is in post’, since the bottom on the 18th of June

  3. Just thinking aloud…if this big crash was the take stop induced liquidity, then maybe that sort of liquidity again comes up during a future rise and perhaps around the 30ks where people turn bullish again. Would it then mean yet another crash from maybe 90k to 30k and would, contrary to expectations, Bitcoin’s next path to big highs be this huge roller coaster where we break only to a little above highs, zip down to take stop liquidity then again a little higher and so on…?

    Point being – degens are degens. They will reappear at some levels and it would be well below current ATH – at levels where TA deems ‘bottom has been made and reversal has commenced‘.

  4. I’ve got $11,5k to deploy spot, but not sure how to play it out. Got some orders laddering down to 15k, but not betting it on all to touch that low. Should probarly DCA, but my greed makes me think it will go under 20k again.

    With oil maybe peaking we could see a peak in inflation the coming months, I suspect markets are ahead of this and a relief rally imminent. Thoughts?

  5. Assume the Fed pivots no later than September and switches from tightening to easing, and backs off rates. How would that impact bitcoin?

  6. Something is going to happen soon. 4hr bbands are about as tight as they get. Break below 21k and we see sub 20k imo. Feels like we’re nearing a top with funding starting to flip. No guarantees it doesn’t stop crawling up though.

  7. Price just refuses to go up.. at this point I’m hoping there is some huge fakeout to 19k only to reverse into a bgd to 25k. There is no energy

  8. I am pretty convinced with my current strategy of buying of DCAing a small amount daily for the entire period until 40k arrives again and doubling the DCA amount on the days when price is under 20k. Cannot see how this can yield a bad result by 2024.

  9. I see the stock market correlation decided to return today. 9:30AM EST drop right at tradfi market open…nice

  10. Is Russia default good or bad for btc? Wouldn’t it be prudent for their citizens to start stacking sats if they haven’t already? Economy is fucked, and escaping with some funds intact would be way easier with BTC…

    What am I missing?

  11. Something is coming, but still can’t decide if its a pump, or the floor is about to fall off.

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