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48 thoughts on “[Daily Discussion] – Monday, January 10, 2022”

  1. “Now I’m just wondering,
    Why you think that you can get to me with anything,
    Seems like you’d know by now,
    When and how I get down,
    And with all that I’ve been through,
    I’m still around” – Michael Jackson Unbreakable feat the Notorious BIG

  2. Bounce ain’t strong enough for me to be convinced we hit bottom, I need to see a rocket on the 1hr/4hr

  3. Bulls getting overly confident on a nothing-rise. This will undoubedteldy drop again.

  4. Liquidity underneath taken but need degens to think more downside is to come. That’s when it won’t and instead will squeeze upwards.

  5. This is just too uncanny to the Apr-Jul 2021 move… We could be at roughly Jun-26 and bounce from here to hit overhead resistance in the mid $46Ks only to grind back down to pierce $40K psychological in ~3-wks.

  6. Bounce must not lose steam here. Need to break 42850 on the 4 hour chart to start to turn the tide a bit.

    If this falls back down in the next few hours then 39600 is likely to break with power. We don’t want that at all, pretty terrible stuff

  7. So, it bounced from the September lows. Also, resistance seems to be around $45.5k. If we break that, we break the downtrend that started on 10 November.

  8. Ever been so hung-over that you have to go back to the toilet every 30 minutes to puke your brains out?

    There’s a distinct feeling each time you vomit: a) oh goodness, this is horrible, and b) maybe that was the last one, maybe it’s over..

    You can’t be sure until a few hours goes by and you haven’t puked again. Regardless, like that feeling you get in the minutes after a really good puke, where you know you’re good for at least a little bit.

    That’s where I am now. Feels okay at the moment. Currently wiping my face and gargling some water. Anyone got a slice of pizza or something?

  9. How can we interpret the insane volume on these recent candles?

    I for one think this was the bottom. Or it is a secondary test within a wyckoff accumulation.

    However it seems firm that we can’t stay below 40k for long.

  10. Last year, I said I would like bitcoin to test the 1T marketcap longer.

    I didn’t mean a whole year.

  11. meh. I don’t see new capital magically entering the market. just degens pushing coins to each other

  12. Man this has been one sad market since november. Dont even care about the losses at this point. Just hilarious now

  13. 1 green candle and suddenly some people goes ”that was the bottom”.. chill. With that mentally you’ll get fked if it’s bear market. For me personally I can’t see us having a bull run anymore atleast until 2024.

    We all want a bull run forever but we just had a run for 2 years. Chill the fk out

  14. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-10/bitcoin-is-off-to-worst-annual-start-since-the-dawn-of-crypto?srnd=premium-europe


  15. IDK, if I was a bear, I’d be pretty euphoric about now. We broke the 40k barrier, and sub 30k seems likely. But just like the bull scenario a few months ago when we broke ATH to blast up a whole extra magnificent 4%, bitcoin has LOVED to do the breakout/breakdown fake outs into full mid-term reversals. Maybe we’re about to get that here over the course of this week. If that’s the case, buying here might be a great swing trade.

    That being said, ATH seems off the menu til Q3 at the soonest at this point.

  16. It’s nice seeing the alts get slaughtered about 2-3x as hard, it’s been needed for a long time. If that maintains this movement could be good in the long term by solidifying Bitcoin as the least risky investment.

  17. I’d like to think we’ve seen the capitulation wick today.

    Problem is macro environment is only just starting. If so, we could go way lower yet…

  18. Nice thread from co-founder of Delphi:


  19. So, we just experienced a 42.5% drop on bitcoin from 69080 to 39650. As soon as bottom, the world is hope again. Bitcoin is so sneaky.

  20. Every macro trader is a genius right now, same way every on-chain analyst was a genius last year…

  21. Bullish divergence on the four hour and a death cross later this week. Fun times ahead

  22. How could mark price and last trade price discrepancy be exploited? I mean the rare event when mark price is substantially higher or lower than the last trade price, I have heard some people make very profitable trades during such market conditions but I kinda can’t think of a way how.

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