Daily Discussion, June 12, 2022

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Daily Discussion, June 12, 2022

50 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, June 12, 2022”

  1. Oh boy, Celsius just stepped in a giant pile of of it…

    “Due to extreme market conditions, today we are announcing that Celsius is pausing all withdrawals, Swap, and transfers between accounts. There is a lot of work ahead as we consider various options, this process will take time, and there may be delays.”

    You know when people say “not your keys, not your coins”? This is what they meant. Your coins are now their coins until they feel like they’re yours again.

  2. Weird how people are reacting negatively. That must mean they bought high and are now stressing. 20k is an entry that should get you hard.

  3. The downward volatility is the price we pay for the upward volatility. Scale in on the way down responsibly. If you have a wad… don’t blow it all on a 7% daily drop. Keep dry powder.

  4. “But the interest rates are so tempting”

    If your coins are lost, 8% interest on 0, is still 0. Celsius and all these other exchanges are no different than banks. What’s the point in buying Bitcoin if you have to trust the exchange to take care of it.

    Not your keys, not your cheese.

  5. Another dumbass CEO forced to liquidate his BTC because of his dumbass “crypto” company. Shit is infuriating. Regulate these fucks out of existence

  6. I have to think this is from the weekend rumors of a 75bps increase from the Fed soon. Trading like this happens most of the time from 8-11:59 PM ET(for other markets) when Asia/Australia wakes up.

    Stock Market futures opened up in the red. This might carry into NY open tomorrow. I’m surprised it dipped into 24k for just a moment. It didn’t stay there long though compared to when it fell through 26k.

    Stack safely and confidently.

  7. Just bought more. Bought when it was 60k. Bought when it was 40k. Bought 2 years ago when it was 10k.

    Y’all can’t ask for the dip for months then complain when the dip shows up.

    The best time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.

  8. At a time when everything else is more expensive btc is discounted. Hurts now but your future self will be glad this opportunity presented itself

  9. A fitting soundtrack for this evening: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d8FYJ9qvegI

  10. Why is Bitcoin dropping? Isn’t the whole purpose of Bitcoin is that it fights inflation and keeps going up. No?

  11. Bitcoin is a binary bet. If it doesn’t die it goes up substantially from here in a few years. Place your bets accordingly.

    Please gamble responsibly.

  12. Numero Dos down 25% in 2 days. How long until we see the hotline number get stickied to the CC sub?

  13. Would be really nice if whales sold everything they got, then wallstreet would be fudged.

  14. Damn, the lowest it’s been since December 2020. Nothing catastrophic but still pretty stunning to see.

  15. Just saw what happened to Celsisus. Took all my coins off the exchanges, the first time I’d ever moved them. It was pretty straightforward, did the test transfers first, then the real ones, and twiddled my fingers while they came through.

  16. I havent had this much excitement since mom got her tits caught in the mangles.

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