Daily Discussion, January 11, 2023

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23 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, January 11, 2023”

  1. I decided to make Bitcoin my personal pension vehicle. I put 10% of my salary in dca. The country I live in it’s liable to not give me a pension in 30 years. I have to do it myself for as long as I can.
    Will it be enough to give me a pension that is half my salary?
    I guess it all depends on the price movement in the next 30 years.

  2. What would be a good name for the club of bitcoiners that hodl more than the current block mining reward? Anyway, if you are not yet a part of it, you will one day.

  3. btc is slowly recovering its lost positions. I’m wondering on whether it is the end of bear market and I need to accelerate buy buys I wanted to make

  4. With all the Gemini issues, I’m going to stop using them as an exchange. What are good alternatives. Any input on CashApp or Strike?

  5. The next bull run is going to sting hard for all the buttcoiners

    Reality is going to set in soon

  6. another +1,2% today up. So great to see green color in portfolio, but hold on – I haven’t accumulated enough yet

  7. I have a question about the Bitcoin.com app. Early today I put just under sixty U.S. dollars into my bitcoin wallet. Is there any way I can transfer that money into my bank account? I apologize if this a stupid question but I’m new to crypto currencies.

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