Daily Discussion, January 08, 2022

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Daily Discussion, January 08, 2022

24 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, January 08, 2022”

  1. Unsubbed. Too much maxi toxicity around here. Ignoring all other cryptos other than bitcoin and calling them shitcoins is unfortunately a trigger for me. I own btc but I guess might have to be a part of a different more relaxed/open-minded community. Hopefully btc does not dig its own grave by following examples like these

  2. Bitcoin is just too attractive system for me to not put some cash weekly into it.

    I am not wealthy but not poor also ( in my country). Started in 2021 after “crash” of bitcoin becasue I saw how much money countries are printing to bail some business.

    I don’t put large sums (around 50$ weekly) and I am not fanatic, just a beliver that we need system that governments can’t add “fake money” into it.

    Right now I m tiny red in my wallet but I am not in need of cash.

  3. Anybody been discovering Jeff booth videos lately? Addicted. What a mind. Currently on episode 7 of his What Is Money interviews.

  4. There are a lot of things you should worry about.

    Bitcoin price is not one of them.

    1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin and ∞ / 21M

  5. If bitcoin drops in the 30s I’m going to mortgage my house to buy moar, this is way too juicy.

  6. Another stack of sats transferred to cold storage and yeah I reuse addresses, fight me!

  7. Well obviously it’s going either of 3 ways:

    1. pumps a bit for head and shoulders pattern then dips to 30s until next halving

    2. pumps to a new ath like 2013 and the slips to 40s 30s until next halving

    3. that was it and drops now to 30s until next halving

    20s imo is just not possible

  8. You gotta know when to HODL em,
    Know when to FODL em,
    Know when to walk away
    Know when to run

    You never keep your money
    Sitting on exchange
    The’ll be plenty time for counting
    When cold storing’s done

  9. I am thinking we are nowhere done because being done would be most being in depresion mode, capitulation, real panic. Crypto winter. Judging by this sub, most are chilling and holding and many are ‘just buying the dip before we go to new ATH’. That is not fear, that sounds way too easy for me. a year of extreme pump and now just a month of dump (or dip like some call it), that’s it? too easy, too many people would get rich like this and the money just cant come out of thin air for everyone to win.

  10. Btc looks more like a maesurment instrument of news…. Some good news it goes a bit up 1-5% One bad news it plummets 5-30%

  11. First time drinking coffee in the morning that I’m waking up to green. i’ll take it.

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