Daily Discussion, January 05, 2022

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Daily Discussion, January 05, 2022

23 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, January 05, 2022”

  1. Bitcoin Dominance low… BTC stuck in this ongoing channel… all signs point to a big reversal coming in my opinion!

  2. Bitcoin will rocket up with the least amount of people on board. So you should just give all your coins to me for safekeeping 😁

  3. Some Upcoming Events:

    The North American Bitcoin Conference

    • January 17-19 2022
    • Miami
    • Key speakers: Mark Cuban etc

    Bitcoin Conference 2022

    • April 2022
    • Miami
    • Key Speakers: Nayib Bukele, Michael Saylor, Jack Mallers etc
  4. Guys, we’re still early. So much misinformation in the r/technology sub regarding bitcoin. I’m glad to be here.

  5. I’m worried I over exposed myself in Bitcoin. I pumped my pandemic savings into it monthly over the last year and now I’m about 10 percent down on my investment. I still have fiat savings to put in, but I’d rather lower my risk and sell some when the price goes back up to the average I bought at. Wish I wasn’t so scared and I had the faith to buy more dip :/

  6. Who is staying Bitcoin is volatile? Bitcoin has been stabile between 45-48K entire 2022 ^^

  7. Having recently moved to buy Bitcoin on Crypto.com I’ve noticed the Bitcoin price is always a little more expensive then the price on CoinMarketCap as I know this is where Coinbase get their market values, anyone know why this might be?

  8. Everyone I know stacks bitcoin weekly and never sells, how the hell is the price staying stagnant lol

  9. “Kosovo has banned the mining of cryptocurrencies to curb electricity use as it grapples with an energy crisis caused by soaring global prices.” BBC UK

  10. Is there a war of currency going on? Could there be more to the sideways movement of Bitcoin? China enters 2022 as a first mover advantage on the CBDC front, releases pilot versions of digital wallet? CBDCs could usher in the state’s ultimate financial control, and erode privacy of citizens. I am really curious what other Bitcoin holders feel about CBDC currency and how it will effect Bitcoin in the very near future as countries move to adopt these things. Its happening now. What are your thoughts on this?

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