Computing And Storage By Blockchain Technology $MSN

In an effort to touch all spheres of life, the blockchain technology has strived to provide for every aspect of life. From digital economies, investments etc. currently, the blockchain tech has become a bedrock for computing and storage devices.

Meson network has come up as a decentralised market place for computing and cloud devices. Through its framework, you can access the afore services in a decentralised manner thus reducing network usage.

Owing to its very helpful usecases,a couple of reputable projects and VCs such as; Hashkey Capital, Mask Network etc have formed formidable partnerships with the project. As at this year, it secured over $3.5M in funding. This is a testament to how much traction the project has garnered over time.

Its native token $MSN is infused with a good number of use cases. In sync with the mother project, it can be used to enhance secure messaging, file sharing, DApps building etc.

The token has earned itself Bitget listing along with a candybomb event designed for its enthusiasts to participate and earn. There is quite a lot to expect from Meson network.