Coinbase Is Going Bankrupt! Warning Investors


Coinbase Is Going Bankrupt! Warning Investors

Several crypto investors transferred all of my cryptocurrency out of Coinbase due to a statement made by the company. Something that could spell the end for the company and cause investors to lose any crypto they have on the site. This video will act as an emergency update for all coinbase stock investors and everyone with money on the platform, explaining why investors are abandoning coinbase and the news that came out the second week of this month that could put the company out of business. Something in the company’s latest quarterly profits report has me concerned for everyone who has money on the platform as well as stock investors. This single line has the potential to bankrupt the company. When Coinbase first issued its stock, it sparked a flurry of warnings. Personally, I like the platform, but as a stock investment, I believe investors are missing something. The notion is that in order for coinbase stock to perform well, crypto and bitcoin must also do well. But there’s a catch. Coinbase isn’t required for crypto and bitcoin investors to make money. There are tens of thousands of crypto investing sites available. The price of bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the other cryptocurrencies does not require any specific platform to thrive. Even if bitcoin rises to $100,000 and beyond, coinbase will continue to lose money and users if it does not decrease its costs or do something to stay competitive against all of the other platforms. Coinbase, an American cryptocurrency exchange, is pruning its workforce by 18% in preparation for a recession it says could lead to another crypto winter. DON’T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE CONTENT LIKE THIS! #coinbase #cryptocrash #crypto #bankruptcy #bitcoincrash

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