Coin Bureau Avalanche Price Prediction Reacts Video

Ryan Matta

Coin Bureau Avalanche Price Prediction Reacts Video

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10 thoughts on “Coin Bureau Avalanche Price Prediction Reacts Video”

  1. Love your content man, and I love that you're not afraid to ask questions and poke holes in all these bs projects.
    You really got me thinking about how PoS has strong ponzi characteristics, and the more I think about it the deeper that hole goes.

    Also since you pointed out how the Kadena developers always try to look professional in interviews, I've really started to notice how unprofessional and stupid other large projects founders dress, they all look like bloody drop kicks – At 2:58 the Avax found in a tye die t-shirt with green clown glasses on his head?? Yea you really look like a guy whos trying to run a professional business seriously and I can trust with my millions 😂😂

  2. Another incompetent youtuber talking about what he doesn't understand promoting project he is paid for (Kadena) and fuding others. Avax cannot scale horizontally? You clearly have no idea how avalanche network works as most of youtubers out there. Crypto is down, great majority of the money in it is pure speculation. Can avalanche attract scam projects? Yes of course as Eth did. It is a platform that anybody can build on. It is so far most advaced technology in L1 blochain space. It work flawlessly unlike other higer or similarly priced projects. In this market of hopes and dreams project are rarely priced what they real value is. When mass addoption come it will be a different story and I believe that from fundamental point of view Avalanche willbe one of the TOP projects.

  3. shill shill shill same thing another day. 5 years in the space and this space continues to belch up more of yuns

  4. All coins come and go in cycles. Pick any in the top 100 wait a little and it will blast off eventually then it will settle down while others GET their turn to blast off wash rinse repeat. If your coin has alreafy 80-120% percented (my word) then find another one in cue for its turn to do the same. People these coins are nothing more than casino chips and were all at the vegas table. Coin fundamentals and metrics are for idiots that love a good read. learn to play the game as I just showed you.

  5. The scariest thing would be if the inside players point to scams to get all the legitimate crypto projects regulated into nothing while using their connections to protect their scam projects.

  6. coming from a guy whos telling people to buy 3500kda thats dumped 95% from its ath, your squads portfolio is looking bleak as fk and its going to get a lot worse

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