Chilz and Socios Are Quietly Reshaping Fan Engagement in Sports

While everyone is speculating about bull and bear markets Socios and Chiliz seem to have focused on growth and I think it is safe to say that they are now starting to change the way fans can engage with their favorite sports teams.

This article does a great job of covering the details, I’ll just point out the things that stand out for me personally:

Fan Favorite – It allows token holders to vote on their top player of the game. This could totally change the way Player of The Game/Week/Year is selected in the future.

Auctions – Goal scoring balls, signed jeries and other items can be purchased via online auction and you don’t have to worry about authenticity. Way less friction than what we previously had.

Special treatment for token holders – There are clear incentives to hold or own fan tokens of your favorite clubs. They can give you extra benefits during games and let you participate in a lot of special events organized by the clubs. Considering that most other tokens are pure speculation this is a huge upgrade.

Coingecko listing: