đŸ˜·Careoline.life – Careoline.crypto | Helping people heal, grow, & earn | NFTs | Metaverse | Heal 2 Earn | USP for Clients and Coaches | Web 3.0 | Supported by huge Companies

The primary purpose and focus of the careoline.crypto project are to build a bridge to a happier society. Careoline.life is a well-being online platform to help people match qualified coaches according to their needs. They improve well-being while reducing healthcare costs and democratizing well-being in web 3.0.

Benefits and utility for coaches:

  • Working from everywhere at any time;
  • Earn careoline.life coin while coaching clients – Earn 2 Heal mechanics;
  • Focus on core business competency – saving 10x costs and time;
  • Everything for coaching like: communication, marketing, and admin efficient and straightforward;
  • Promoting personal products (Books, conferences, events, Retraite etc)

Benefits and utility for Clients:

  • Reduces the necessary courage for “asking for help” to zero – simple, digital, and discrete per click;
  • The project provides high-quality coaching (4-step process) and continuous quality control;
  • AI finds suitable coach and gives immediate access: time, price, location flexible & GDPR compliant;

Also, each participant can use benefits when holding careoline.life NFT or use Metaverse to increase experience through immersive/virtual spaces.

Interested redditers can check them out on Telegram : careolinecrypto