Crypto Mason 2


MAIN CHANNEL: n NFT’S ARE MORE RISKY THAN SHITCOINS!? JOIN MY FREE Telegram Signal Channel: a ✅ Follow my Twitter: s ✅ My Tik Tok: n ✅ Follow my Instagram: s ⭐️ Get A Ledger Nano X 2 ⭐️ Get A Crypto VISA Card (Free $25) l ⭐️ Buy Crypto With Debit/Credit Card (Free $10) O CRYPTO MASON CLIPS channel is for all of my Tik Tok content. I am Mason Versluis or “Crypto Mason” I am a Cryptocurrency investor, digital creator, entrepreneur. Mixing crypto, spirituality & philosophy. The cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology have expanded and upgraded. Crypto is about to take the world by storm. My channel aims to teach cryptocurrency to beginners. This channel is also a platform for me to express my opinions and thoughts on the current market. We also go over cryptocurrency news, and how to properly partake in cryptocurrency investing. Crypto Mason talks about altcoins like XRP, HBAR (Hedera Hashgraph), XDC (XinFin Network), Ethereum, Chainlink, Algorand (ALGO), IOTA, Enjin, Dentcoin, Pundi X and several other altcoins. I offer a unique perspective compared to channels like BitBoy Crypto, XRP Chiz, Bearable Bull, ExtraVOD, Crypto Casey, Crypto Zombie, or Crypto Kirby, in that I am very into spirituality and deep knowledge. This comes out in my cryptocurrency analysis and when I am making videos about crypto. ⚠️ DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR, ACCOUNTANT, LAWYER, OR ANY PROFESSION REGARDING FINANCES. DO NOT MAKE ANY FINANCIAL DECISIONS BASED ON WHAT I SAY, PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND INVEST USING SMART AND SAFE METHODS AND PRACTICES. #bitcoin #crypto #hbar


  1. This is so true. Anyone thinking of getting into NFT’s should do a considerable amount of research.

  2. You have such great analysis! It is unbiased and balanced which is almost unheard of on Youtube. In my opinion there will be a massive pump but I think that would be next year.I have been reading charts for years and i feel it is likely to consolidate and hopefully tighten around this monthly moving average line it is settling on. It may just continue to trade between 45 to maybe 55k range for the new year. The pump isn't going to swift like almost all youtubrs predict, so I will advise you back up your crypto assets incase declination continues.More emphasis should be put into trading instead of predicting a rosy future.Tradn went smoothly for me as I was able to make more than 7.5 btc in 8 weeks of putting my initial 1.3 btc into active trades,with insights and singals from Timothy Ricks.I will advise you all to clutch to this method cos all predictions from them are just guesses..

  3. Mason expained it 💯, thats why i stick to XRP fuck jpeg nfts haha. But as I understand it RSR will do well …

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