Bitcoin Outlook For 2023

Anthony Pompliano

Bitcoin Outlook For 2023

As recession looms, the Fed tightens, and the world is in chaos, where does bitcoin stand as we enter 2023? Pomp writes a daily letter to over 200,000+ investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy-to-understand language while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at / View open jobs in crypto: / Enroll in my crypto academy: / Follow Pomp on social media: Twitter: o Instagram: / LinkedIn: / Website: / #AnthonyPompliano #Pomp #Bitcoin #Finance #Business #Crypto

10 thoughts on “Bitcoin Outlook For 2023”

  1. There is nothing wrong with Bitcoin and never has been, it was delusional altcoiners buying for the wrong reason that sank the price, although relatively it's still doing pretty good.

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