Bitcoin is getting close to a bottom!

Just remember Bitcoin just went under that 70% retracement level at $20,700 from its ATH of $69,000. It just dropped to $15,500 or 77.5% below its ATH & the previous bear markets seem to all rebound from a 70-90% retracement level. BTC was at an average retracement level of around 70% since 6/18/2022 or around 5 months & never really moved below that level until now. Just watch your Highs & Lows & follow your Chart’s you will find that bottom shortly. Remember 70% is at $20,700 & 90% is at $6,900, if you buy between those levels just Hodl on you won’t regret it!

Bitcoin is getting close to a bottom!

9 thoughts on “Bitcoin is getting close to a bottom!”

  1. Except that ETH is a smarter buy these days, going to become the no1 in the coming years, once gas prices are sorted

  2. When Tether starts unpegging, then BTC will start heading towards bottom. Things are going to get spicy soon, to say the least.

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