$BB; $Restaking At Its Finest.

ReStaking seems to be the newest narrative on the block, a couple of projects are now tilting towards this narrative, the likes of RENZO, etc have specifically caught my glimpse.

In a similar vein as other exchanges, BTC devs have come up with BounceBit as the first restaking model. Primarily, the network is secured by staking both bitcoin and BonceBit tokens. Through the instrument of this project, users can earn decent yields by simply staking their idle Bitcoin. This makes way for passive income as well as introducing more functionality within the bitcoin blockchain.

The project has raised over 7.8M USD. As opposed to other networks, you can earn yield off different or multiple networks. It also has backing from Binance Labs.

Sibling platforms like Bitget have thrown some good weight behind BounceBit as well. Its native token $BB is currently listed on the platform firstly through its pre market trading framework that allows users to trade prior to a token’s listing. A couple of users made good profit off it.

I’m looking forward to the platform’s continued growth.