Analysis of ERC20 Tokens on Uniswap and Centralized Exchanges

I'm excited to share with you the I've developed with u/FlipsideCrypto for u/uniswapgrants. This tool dives into the comparative analysis of exchange activities for top ERC20 tokens on u/Uniswap and centralized crypto exchanges.

Here's what we've discovered:

  1. We've observed a significant net outflow of ERC20 tokens from centralized exchanges. This indicates more users are withdrawing their tokens than those depositing. On the user growth front, platforms like u/binance, OKEx, and u/cryptocom are seeing an uptick, while u/coinbase is facing a downward trend in user growth.
  2. u/Uniswap showcases unique patterns in the DEX landscape. Even though there has been a decrease in swap volumes since early 2023, there's a substantial surge in user growth. It signifies Uniswap's strong foothold in the market, which is evident from the high number of wallets engaged in swaps.

For more insights and detailed analysis, do visit the It was a pleasure working with u/Pine13579573 to create this. Let's discuss the findings and trends here!

Happy to answer any questions and get your thoughts!