AltStreetBets Custom Emoji’s available!

E-currency exchange

Thanks to the Reddit PowerUps it's now possible for us to create and add custom emoji's! Every Reddit premium member has the opportunity to support our small community now by using your powerup on this sub.

We currently have 3 emoji's available but there will be more added in over the coming months. AMA partners will be added from now on so you can support your favorite project on this subreddit whenever you want!

MasterTrader Emoji, brag about your trading skills!

Altstreetbets Doge, always ready for the next altcoin gem.

I'm currently looking for inspiration to add more ASB Doge themed emoji's, let me know what you want to see next so I can use my horrible photoshop skills to make it work 😉

reddit imagereddit imageAltStreetBets Custom Emoji's available!