All Access with Emin Gün Sirer – Ep. 26


All Access with Emin Gün Sirer – Ep. 26

8 thoughts on “All Access with Emin Gün Sirer – Ep. 26”

  1. Emin is the guy we need in blockchain. When Do Kwon, 3AC, Celcius and many other so called crypto leaders went silent during this bear market, Emin is here to give us the most updated information and development! Great core wallet, the UX/UI is well designed and native btc support is amazing. Keep building and we will survive this bear market and come back stronger than ever.

  2. What's not OK is that SOL has a higher market cap than AVAX when it seems to be such an inferior tech. I guess FTX marketing was all it took to pump it.

  3. Your rant is the most important thing in our space. We (as a society) need authentic leaders, I know it's hard but keep going. Best regards.

  4. The NYS mining ban has nothing to do with hydro. It has to do with bitcoin mining companies wanting to power up old decommissioned coal burning plants on Seneca and Cayuga lakes to mine bitcoin. The ban applies to carbon-based fuels only, not hydro, nor solar, nor wind.

  5. I am so happy but surprised that Core included Bitcoin after all the thrashing and misrepresentation of Bitcon Emin has done.. Core wallet looks great.

  6. The only thing I have against DeFI is that most projects have anonymous founders. How am I supposed to trust these protocols when we see failure and fraud over and over and over again?

  7. Come on, be honest at least. You continually criticising Solana. That's ok but don't try to be always the nice & clean guy. Seems you have a problem with accepting mistakes yourself.

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