A dune dashboard about finding trends on blockchain

E-currency exchange

Hey degens, I’m new wizard just joined dune and it’s my first dune dashboard. Hoping it can help you find hot protocols and trending by on chain data.


Here is a brief introduction:

1) First there are some statistics numbers like token price, total address, total transactions, total contracts and average number of active addresses

2) Second parts are trending protocols and tokens. You can find hottest protocols by the gas used ranking. As we all know uniswap is the most popular sec on ethereum and almost 67% of dex trading volume on it. So I added Uni V2 and Uni V3 top trading volume pool in 24h, you can easily find out hot token here.

3) Third parts are active on chain users and new active on chain users profiles. The definition of new active user is if this address send it’s first transaction in last 24 hours.
The bar chart shows daily active users and new active users.
Then I decided to show the protocols which be used most by these two group of users, and protocols label update daily.

Here is my thread and if you like it hope you can share and give me a heart. Thank you so much and have fun on chain🥳🥳🥳