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06/20/22 [Join FlareXRP Discord] - discord.com/invite/FlareXRP

3 thoughts on “06/20/22 [Join FlareXRP Discord] – discord.com/invite/FlareXRP”

  1. No deadlines, but maybe this week we’ll get decisions on John Deaton’s requested amicus brief (including the sealing/ redaction questions), and the Hinman emails. But that’s probably optimistic.

  2. 2023 will be the end of this if we are lucky 🍀 we know this now there is no end in sight to this charade. The SEC achieved exactly what they wanted to do they won this battle from the very beginning delay as long as possible and it continues and continues. And the nonsense I hear all the time is alarming like ripple will reach a 100 dollars or a 1000 dollars 💵 like this court case it’s a complete joke. I admire anyone who has dreams to better themselves and inspire for a better life but please live in the real world 🌎 not a world of fantasy 🙏

  3. Hey, all. I tried to post in r/xrp, but got removed. Figured I’d try here. I’ve been on Uphold since the start of this whole mess and have been a pretty huge supporter of them keeping XRP trading in spite of the SEC nonsense.

    With all the spookiness of Luna, Celsius, and other exchanges freezing people’s assets amidst uncertainty, I finally sprang for a Ledger to hold my own cryptocurrency.

    I have pretty sizable XRP bags that I tried to move from Uphold. Started with a small amount that was instantaneous and easy, then tried to move the rest. Uphold froze my account for almost 24 hours “for my protection” before the transfer went through, which, to me, points that they don’t have as much liquidity as suggested and that the XRP wasn’t actually “in” my wallet, just a metaphorical voucher for the XRP they owed me.

    If you are holding on ANY exchange, I highly, highly recommend getting yourself a hard wallet so that you’re in possession of your own keys and your own cryptocurrency. When XRP finally gets that switch flipped and begins to rocket, the last thing we’ll want is to have our assets frozen and miss out on the profits we’re so well-deserved after holding through all this nonsense.

    Certainly not trying to FUD XRP or Ripple the Company’s developments. If anything, I’m so bullish that I was willing to spend money to ensure that the XRP was, in fact, in my possession rather than some broker’s so that I can finally withdraw at my price targets without uncertainty.

    Wishing you all the best, and can’t wait to sit with you all on our moonyachts.

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