๐Ÿฉต AMA with Bitget Wallet on 12pm, March 29th (UTC)! Surfing the Crypto Wave: Unlocking Bitget Wallet’s Biggest Rewards of 2024 ๐Ÿ„๐ŸŒŠ


Hey there, r/CryptoCurrency community!
The Bitget Wallet team is excited to announce that we'll have the privilege of hosting an AMA here on March 29th, 12pm (UTC). We'll be delving deep into Bitget Wallet and its evolution through the years! We also have a massive ongoing airdrop campaign for our newly launched token, $BWB! Very exciting times indeed! Our lovely COO, u/alvinkan, will spill all the tea for this AMA ๐Ÿต

๐Ÿช‚ We'll also be hosting a $200 (20 x $10) Giveaway! Users that ask the most interesting and thoughtful questions will be selected as winners! Don't fade on this and ask your best questions! Winners will be announced after the AMA in the replies.

Brief Introduction to Bitget Wallet
Bitget Wallet is Asia's largest and a leading global Web3 wallet with over 20 million users worldwide. It offers a comprehensive range of features, including asset management, intelligent market data, swap trading, launchpad, inscribing, and DApp browsing. Currently, it supports more than 100 major blockchains, hundreds of EVM-compatible chains, and over 250,000 cryptocurrencies. Bitget Wallet enhances liquidity by aggregating it across hundreds of top DEXs and cross-chain bridges, facilitating seamless trading on over 40 blockchains.

Our official $BWB token airdrop campaign recently went live and will be running till the end of April! We have an impressive pool of 50 million $BWB tokens up for grabs. Leave your questions in the comments about $BWB, how you can earn it, and its utilities! Alvin will be happy to answer all your questions!

By the way, new users can earn 50 BWB Points upon sign-up right now! Sign up with this exclusive code now: https://web3.bitget.com/bwb-airdrop?code=j5Q0XT

You can also try your wallet addresses from MetaMask, Phantom, Trust Wallet, CoinbaseWallet and more to see if you might be eligible for some airdrops:

For more information, you can read our extensive thread about $BWB over here: https://x.com/BitgetWallet/status/1769667535258132534?s=20

Find out more about us:
Feel free to visit our links to find out more about Bitget Wallet! We also run multiple campaigns on X, so drop a follow for quick updates and more rewards!
Official Website: https://web3.bitget.com/en
X: https://X.com/BitgetWallet
Telegram: https://t.me/Bitget_Wallet
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/bitget-wallet

We're looking forward to answering your questions during the AMA! So ask us your best questions ๐Ÿฉต See you guys on Friday!

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  1. Bitget Wallet burned 2,250 moons a month ago to host this AMA.

    Transaction: https://nova.arbiscan.io/tx/0x782eac81e835e972f0d3b31c05bed0dda6a3ef3e686bab8a2a9618473c2312ac

  2. So to unlock the points we need to swap $100 for 3 days, is there an end date until the trades need to be completed, can the days be spread out and does it include all pairs?

    Will 1 point translate to 1 token?

    Are there plans to list Moons?

  3. What special things does Bitget Wallet do to make it easier to trade different cryptocurrencies, and how is it different from other Web3 wallets?

  4. What features does your wallet have that no other wallet has implemented? What are you planning to add to this wallet in the future? How is $BWB useful for the wallet, what can it do better than most crypto currencies? Can you go into detail on how we can earn BWB?

  5. What are the tokenomics of $BWB?

    What benefits/utility does a token drop provide on your platform for customers?

    What separates your wallet from others in the market? Are there any forthcoming features or updates for us to look forward to?

    1. As Bitget Wallet continues to grow and innovate, what values and principles guide the team in achieving its mission of unlocking new opportunities in Web3 for all users?
  6. What measures does Bitget Wallet take to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain transparency and trust among its users?

  7. How does Bitget Wallet support the integration of decentralized applications (DApps) and enable users to explore a wide range of services within the ecosystem ?

  8. Can you provide examples of successful use cases or stories from Bitget Wallet users that demonstrate the platform’s impact on their financial lives?

  9. What future developments or features can users expect from Bitget Wallet, and how does the team plan to stay ahead of emerging trends in the industry?

  10. Whatโ€™s the biggest issue you see with exchanges world wide and why should people opt for using your wallet rather than โ€œbankingโ€ on these established entities? What sets $BWB apart from similar coins such as BNB?

  11. Hello, and thanks for coming to our sub, now for the questions!

    What are the tokenomics of your coin and do you have plans on getting it listed on many exchanges?

    Does the wallet support the Arbitrum Nova network?

    What separates your wallet from the quite solid competition?

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